The Waiting Game

02 Mar

My two females and one of my males are about 10 weeks old, almost three months, so they should be ready to breed any time now, but the waiting is so hard. My other little male (The Doctor) is a bit younger, but when his girlfriend goes into estrous he should become interested. Every day I go and hold them all, check on them and make sure they’re all happy and healthy, and it gets me excited to see what their babies will look like. The girls are both very sweet and readily climb on my hands once they see that the boys aren’t afraid of me.

The boys at my pet store are very pretty, four blondes (Not sure what particular variety) two blacks, a spotted black, an agouti, and a very pretty little burmese, just a shade lighter than mine. I’ve been handling them whenever I can while I’m working and waiting for just the right customer to come and give some of them a new home.


If purchasing gerbils from a pet store, do your research before hand, and interview the pet store employee who you are thinking of buying from. If they don’t give adequate answers, ask if there is someone in the store who owns gerbils or works with the stores gerbils regularly. Ask to hold the gerbils or see the employee hold the gerbils. If they get out a leather glove to hold them with, walk away. Find a pet store employee who is confident and comfortable handling the gerbils bare handed and knows the basics about gerbil care. You can also use the American Gerbil Society’s breeder listings and find a breeder in your area, visit an exotic animal show, or go to your local exotic animal vet and ask the veterinarian if he or she knows if there is anyone in the area who breeds gerbils. Try to find young gerbils, as these will prove to be the best pets in the long run.

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