Purchase of The Day!

25 Mar

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking breeding gerbils makes money. It is pretty much a money hole, but a thumpin’ fun one.

Today I finally acquired a piece of equipment I’ve been wanting for quite a while. A digital gram scale! This makes identifying pregnancy and keeping track of pup growth so much easier!

And now, for the weigh in!

Heavy weights:

Oliver is the top heavy weight at 80g!

Rory comes in a close second at 73g!

Henry brings up the rear at 71g!

Light weights:

Amy is the heaviest of the light weights at 67g!

The Doctor comes up second at 64g!

River brings up the rear at a modest 61g!


Now, River and Amy are sisters from the same litter, on the same diet, and were the same size when I introduced them to their mates. I can’t say for sure yet, but I think the whopping 6gram difference between the sisters means that Amy will be our first mother! I’ll know for sure in the next day or so, if I see a weight gain in her. Fingers crossed!

Oh, my smallest guinea pig is 893grams.  😀

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