Update on the Fuzzies and Fluffies!

07 May


Sorry for the fuzzy iPod photo. Clara and her sisters are all doing fabulously! I have been sick and thus haven’t taken the time to take proper photos or write half decent posts. I am sorry. Clara and her sisters are almost 5 weeks old now, just over one more week and two of her sisters will be going to their new home! So excited for them, though I will miss their little fuzzy faces.

My second litter is progressing well! 4 boys and 2 girls, there will be two blacks, two spotted Agoutis, one Agouti, and one who is looking a lot like my spotted Siamese pups did at that age. Very light with subtle spots. Going to have to wait and see what he turns out to be.

From the 20th-25th I will be in Oklahoma, at my cousins wedding! I’m very excited, but it will be tough missing five days of my pups lives. My parents will be taking good care of them and making sure they get lots of play time.

If you are looking to adopt any of my current pups, the first week of June is the cut off date, so be sure and contact me before then!


Anyway, when I’m feeling better I will be sure and take some good photos of the pups and post them! Thanks for reading!

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