Available Gerbils as of 01/16/15

11 Sep

Adopt as Established Same Gender Pair Only:

1 Lilac (grey) Female (DOB: 7/11/14)

1 Pink Eyed White Female DOB: 8/20/14– As is normal with PEW gerbils, this little girl has a sway when she stands up or sits back on her haunches. Tilts over to one side slightly. Many PEW gerbils have this, a common quirk of their color variety.


I am no longer breeding gerbils. The above are ALL I HAVE LEFT. Due to difficulty placing gerbils in homes, I can no longer afford to breed them. Once these guys are gone, I will just have my 5 males as pets. Feel free to contact me with comments, questions or concerns about your gerbils or gerbils you’ve adopted from me in the past. Thanks!

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One response to “Available Gerbils as of 01/16/15

  1. Kelda Jasper

    November 25, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I am truly sorry that you wont be breeding but I understand that the market just isnt there in your area to keep going. You have some lovely looking animals and I am so happy that you are/were such a responsible breeder. I am hoping for some more lovely homes for your remaining youngsters.

    just one comment on your Pew girl that is left. Mine Pew girl has the same exact issue but with age it has gotten better. It really doesn’t affect her behavior at all and she is my sweet princess. Her coat is like a shining fox or winter white bunny. Her little slight head quirk makes her unique and I adore her even more for her specialness. I urge anyone who is thinking about getting a gerbil to go for a Pew girl, you won’t regret it.


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