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Quick update:

I do not have an active gerbil purposed email anymore. I have way too much going on in my life to manage it, so I deleted that email.

As previously stated, I am no longer breeding gerbils. I am leaving this blog up to provide info for those doing gerbil research.

To all of my adopters, I am so happy you found me! I love you guys!

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Last Goodbye

I lost my mother this last weekend. If you’ve been looking to get gerbils please feel free to email me and reserve them and even pick them up still, just excuse me if it takes me longer than usual to get back to you. Thank you.

That Quiet Girl You Sort-of Know

I love you, Mom. I don’t know how I’m going to do this without you and your gorgeous laugh, your knowing gaze and your corny humor. I wish I had said I love you one more time, given you one more hug. Friday night was the last time I really laughed with you, when I told you I’d seen a cute male nurse and you said you’d give him my number and tell him he had to go through you first. I’m holding tight to that one last really good memory.


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All my gerbils are happy healthy, and currently showing no obvious signs of pregnancy. If either of my girls are expecting, it would be too early to tell at this point anyway.

My guinea pigs got free roam of the kitchen the other day while I cleaned their cage, and this is what they did.



Little guys were scared to death of such a big space. Squashed themselves into their tunnel and wouldn’t come out. It’s like a guinea burrito!

Today I visited the Repticon Exotic Animal show! I took a few photos, but didn’t feel motivated to take many. I was thrilled to see a guy selling degus, and he let me hold one. Oddly, it decided to bite me for seemingly no reason. Drew blood too, both myself and the man selling them were pretty surprised. It had been riding around on his shoulder. Cute little guy.

Here are the photos I took.

Crested geckos, which I once owned.

Crested geckos, which I once owned.

A sand boa morph.

A sand boa morph.



A cute little monkey. I blurred the woman's face, she gave me permission to take the photo, but not to post her face on the internet.

A cute little monkey. I blurred the woman’s face, she gave me permission to take the photo, but not to post her face on the internet.

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Act Now!

Please read the following, and help prevent these new laws from going into effect.

ACTION ALERTS! WV, SC, WI and more. Act Now!
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State Action Alerts
Act now! You must contact your legislators as your voices matter most. Your opposition will stop anti-reptile and anti-pet legislation! USARK has made it easy to contact the appropriate lawmakers at the links below, so take a few minutes to protect your freedoms, support your herp community and then share the Action Alerts with all pet owners… ALL pet owners should be fighting overreaching and unconstitutional anti-pet legislation.

Emails, networking with pet owners/businesses/organizations, attendance at public hearings, phone calls, legislator meetings, mailed letters, and faxes should all be happening in mass. Enough voices do make a difference and these bills can stopped. USARK is contacting legislators and we are active on state issues, but they must hear directly from their constituents.

West Virginia Action Alert
House Bill 439 will ban common pet species including Boa constrictors and Hognose snakes. The bill also creates a “Dangerous Wild Animal Board” that will write an initial list of prohibited species and will then have authority to add any species they please. Complete the Action Alert at It is also critical to send individual emails using the information at
South Carolina Action Alert
House Bill 3985 seeks to ban many species of herps including Boa constrictors, Reticulated pythons, and any species of animal listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. This means chinchillas, prairie dogs, certain parrots/parakeets/macaws, some iguana species, and even species of small fish, salamanders, and toads would be considered “Dangerous Wild Animals.” Even if these animals are captive bred, they will be illegal. Find the Action Alert at It’s crucial to send individual messages to legislators found at
Wisconsin Action Alert
Assembly Bill 703 will ban crocodilian species and some mammals. It will place financial burdens upon municipalities, encouraging them to place stricter regulations and potentially add species as prohibited. The Action Alert can be found Be sure to send individual messages and get additional information at

Maryland Action Alerts
There are two similar bills, SB 827 and HB 1124, in Maryland. These bills propose amendments to the current law. Both bills place additional restrictions on currently regulated facilities and also remove exemptions from Class C Exhibitors License holders. Find information for SB 827 at and for HB 1124 at
More State Issues
Additional 2014 state issues can be found at

National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council (NRAAC) Law Symposium
The Reptile and Amphibian Law Symposium & Workshop will be held March 7-8 in Washington, D.C. This is an essential event for anyone interested in the impact of law and regulation on the keeping, breeding, care, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. Get more details at

USARK Federal Lawsuit Update and Q&A

On Friday (2/21/14), the Department of the Interior (DOI) responded to USARK’s legal challenge on the current injurious species listings by filing a “Motion to Dismiss” our claims. This was expected and USARK has been preparing for this action. USARK counsel is currently working on our reply which is due within 14 days (March 7). Read the full post at

View this on our website at

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