Meet The Gerbils


My clan of gerbils is relatively small in comparison to most breeders. However, It allows me to spend a lot of quality time with my fuzzy friends. I never want to become overwhelmed by numbers.

Face To Face

The In-Laws

IMG_0636 IMG_0638

These two lovely gerbils are not mine, and these are not my photos. These are the parents of my two females. Photos are from Ashley, the breeder from whom I acquired my girls. They are truly lovely.

The Doctor & River


My first lovely pair, The Doctor (Spotted Black) and River (Spotted Siamese, Now passed). Both had sweet, gentle dispositions and lovely spotted markings. River has passed away after having only two litters, but they were gorgeous litters. I will miss you sweet River. The Doctor now lives happily with his two sons, Alfie and Stormy, who look just like their mother.

Rory and Amy

DSCN0455 DSCN0430

My second lovely pair is Rory (Spotted Red Fox) and Amy (Burmese). Rory is a sweet and calm boy while Amy is a spunky, “I want it my way” kinda gal. These two are now separated, Rory now lives happily with Henry. Amy had four litters.

Henry and Clara


Clara is getting her dark nose point!

Clara is getting her dark nose point!

Henry (Red Fox) and Clara (Spotted Burmese) were only allowed two litters. Both are absolute doll babies and love to be loved. Clara is the daughter of The Doctor and River. Henry now lives with Rory having done his job of producing sweet little babies. 🙂


Blast from the Past

Last time I bred gerbils was in 2005. I did not breed selectively for color at all, just for temperament and health. Here are some pictures of the babies from those litters.

45891_429169319218_3601954_n 45891_429169334218_3669190_n 45891_429169339218_7959764_n45891_429169329218_2162283_n


I also own a hedgehog named Rumplequillskin, Rumple for short.

Rumple is an African pygmy hedgehog.

Rumple is an African pygmy hedgehog.


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