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Babies On The Way!

River & The Doctor's first meeting.

River & The Doctor’s first meeting.

Older picture, but these are our soon to be parents! River (Spotted Siamese) has gained 8grams so far! She is 71grams as of 3/29. Haven’t weighed her yet today but I imagine she will be about 73-74g! (I had a scale issue so I am canceled her initial weight of 61g and changing it to 63g. The container I was weighing them in wobbled and some of the weights were off.)

She is eating and drinking very well and getting very pleasantly plump. So excited!! I can’t wait until they’re old enough to tell their color, just no telling what we’ll get from this pairing. Hopefully River will be a lot like her mom and produce a wide variety of colors.

Seriously hope I’m off on the day she has her pups! Being at work knowing I had little babies waiting for me would be agonizing.

Anyway, keep checking back, news and photos of the pups will be posted as soon as I find them! If you’re not a wordpress member, feel free to use the link on the left side bar and subscribe via email! 🙂



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Big News!

I have great news!

River & The Doctor, contrary to my original thoughts based on who was heaviest, will be my first parents! River is gaining roughly two grams per day! She has gained five grams in three days so far and is looking quite pear shaped. So excited to meet her pups!

Amy & Rory were caught in the act today! So assuming everything goes well, she should be due to have her pups somewhere between April 21st-25th! I will begin weighing her on the 13th to check her progress.

So excited! Can’t wait!!

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