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Things that go “Thump” in the Night

No matter how careful you are, no matter what you take out of their tank before you go to bed, no matter how many ways you attempt to cover your ears with a pillow,

Your gerbils will wake you up at night. 

Whether it be thumping their little feet because they heard a noise, chewing, digging, running on a wheel, “talking” to one another, they will drive you to the edge of insanity and then push you right off.

Unless you particularly enjoy laying in bed with murderous thoughts running through your head, I highly suggest keeping your gerbils in a room other than your bedroom.

I have no where else to keep mine, so they are all on my desk, just two feet or so away from my bed. I’ve gotten pretty used to it by now, and have taken steps to avoid at least some of the noise. Such as applying a dab of Vaseline to the joints of their wheel to keep the squeak at bay. Taking the wheel out seems to just drive them to do other obnoxiously loud things, so controlling the squeak has been the best solution so far.

Have any noise reducing tips? Please comment and share!

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Tank Toppers


(Yes, I know their water is low. I cleaned and refilled it after taking this photo.)

Tank toppers are a great way to add extra space and interest to your gerbils home, without the mess of escaped bedding that often occurs with critter trail style cages. They also allow you to mount a water bottle on a different level, and place a food dish on a different level, encouraging shy gerbils to come out into the open to eat. Toys can be hung or snapped to the bars and provide new chew and play options.

Your tank topper should be chosen with the same ideals as a wheel. It should have grid style floors to avoid tail or foot injury, and should be made solely of metal. I purchased mine from


Warnings & Tips:

Bar biting is when a gerbil obsessively gnaws on the bars of it’s cage. It can cause baldness on the nose and possible damage to the teeth. It is generally a symptom of boredom and can usually be prevented if other chew options are available. Usually. Henry (pictured above) however is a notorious bar biter no matter the toys and chews I provide. The best way to stop this bad habit is to only allow them to have their tank topper every other week. This prevents boredom and is good for their mental health.

If you are breeding your gerbils, only allow your pair to have a tank topper while there are no young present. Newborn gerbils may be placed by their mother under a ramp, where they are in danger of being crushed if you move it unknowingly. “Toddler” gerbils are clumsy and can hurt themselves falling from the highest level. Wait until your babies are of weaning age before allowing them to have access to a tank topper.

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