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Gerbil Shopping List

Looking for a quick, no fuss shopping list of the must haves and the good ideas for getting your first gerbils? Something you can have ready on your smart phone or printed out?

Look no farther!

The Must Haves: 

One ten gallon aquarium/terrarium

One screen lid that fits the tank mentioned above

Bedding– Preferably paper, I recommend Kaytee “Clean & Cozy” unscented bedding

Water Bottle –Glass, or equipped with a metal guard to prevent chewing

Food–Gerri Gerbil or Vitacraft’s “Mouse, Rat & Gerbil” food

Chews–Pet safe wood or lava block

Hide House–Wood/Plastic composite or ceramic will last the longest

“Gerbil Dust”–Sold as Chinchilla dust, to be given once a week in a glass bowl for bathing

Exercise Wheel–Metal mesh or “Silent Spinner” style wheels only

The Good Ideas

Play Pen–Make sure it is made for small rodents such as hamsters, or the bar spacing may be too large

Food Dish–Though not required, this does help maintain a cleaner habitat and allow you to know how much your gerbils are eating

Tank Topper (found primarily online)– a tank topper allows for more space for your new friends to roam!

Pet safe habitat cleaner– You can used Windex, but be sure it is completely wiped clean to avoid possible ingestion

Treats– Sold in the small pet isle, Yogurt drops and other treats can be great ways to bond with your new friends


Toilet Paper rolls, small cardboard boxes and bits of paper make great toys, so long as they are not wax coated

Shredded Documents make fun nesting and chewing items, but again, make sure they are not treated with any kind of coating

And that’s it! Not including tax, your typical cost effective gerbil setup is about $45-$60 bucks depending on what kinds/brands you choose. (Compared to a guinea pigs whopping $150-$250 price range, that is a cheap pet!)

Check out this post for a more detailed description of the items mentioned above, and the “why’s” behind them.


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Crazy Gerbil Lady

Being that I’m the one running around with an “I *Heart* Gerbils” sticker on my truck, my manager at work asked me to adopt a gerbil who has severe bedding allergies today, and I said yes.

SO! Soon (probably not until this end of this month or later) I will be bringing home a nutmeg male gerbil who has bad damage to his nose and a bit of a temper after having been treated with meds for a while. But, I decided that I will attempt to pair him with Oliver, and thus won’t rehome Oliver once Henry is paired with Clara (I’m a gerbil match maker, apparently).

Not sure what I’ll name him yet, but I want to continue my British and/or Doctor Who theme. Any ideas?


Quick Note on Bedding Allergies

Though often misdiagnosed, bedding allergies are caused by excess dust and/or oils (such as cedar, pine and sometimes-though rarely- aspen), the symptoms are sneezing, itching of the nose/face, and loss of fur to the nose/face. Some gerbils are particularly sensitive to bedding, and have to be kept on special, nearly dust free bedding in order to heal their noses. Such as Oliver and this new guy I’ll be taking on. Oliver has permanent scarring to his nose and one of his ears from this, and this new guy will as well. He’s even rubbed his paws raw from it. Poor baby. Gerbils with allergy issues should not be bred, as this sensitivity to bedding will likely be passed on to their offspring.

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Run You Clever Boy, and Remember.

(For those of you who do not understand the title, it’s a Doctor Who quote by the character Clara Oswald.)

Meet the newest member of The Happy Gerbil Clan! This is Clara! Officially Clara Oswald. Unless I am somehow drastically incorrect about the gender of this little cutie (and I don’t think I am), she will be staying with us and eventually paired with my sweet boy Henry. Clara, who’s grandfather and both parents carry the spotted gene, and sporting the spots herself, will hopefully be a prime candidate to pass that on even though Henry is not spotted. Spotted burmese gerbils are pretty rare, and very striking. I’m in love with this girl. I cannot wait to see her after her first molt. (A point at which color point gerbils mature and get their dark color points.)  I’ve named her Clara because, firstly, it continues my Doctor Who themed trend, and second, I never imagined I’d be able to produce such a color. It was a goal, but not one I thought I’d achieve. She’s my “impossible girl”. 🙂 (Another Doctor Who reference!)

DSCN0505 DSCN0507 DSCN0509 DSCN0511

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Little Details

Today  my order of boxes arrived! Boxes, you say, boxes of what? Just boxes! Little critter boxes to send my gerbils to their new homes in. They’re very cute and just the right size for two young gerbils. I am pleased.

Here are some pictures of my gerbil clan playing in their play pen! A play pen is definitely worth purchasing! The bigger the better, as long as it says it is made for hamsters and gerbils. Some play pens are made just for guinea pigs and rabbits and the bar spacing is too wide, your gerbils could squeeze through and escape.

Amy & Rory

Amy & Rory



Amy, my gorgeous burmese girl.

Amy, my gorgeous burmese girl.



Amy in her favorite log.

Amy in her favorite log.



Henry, my cuddle buddy.

Henry, my cuddle buddy.

DSCN0465 DSCN0474



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The Pupdate!

Five healthy gerbil pups were born last night! They are much bigger than I had expected, all peeping and squirming and being adorable. ^_^ River Song is being a very good Momma and when The Doctor “stole” a pup, she went and retrieved it right away and tucked it back in with the others. So excited! Can’t wait to see who will have spots!

Also, I think it’s great that I literally cleaned their tank YESTERDAY. So these pups were born on the freshest bedding possible. That makes me extremely happy. And it’s much easier to see them on this white bedding. Success.



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I’ve decided to make a Facebook page in hopes of getting the word out about my babies a little bit more! If you have a Facebook please like my new page! Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate my followers! You guys rock!


The Happy Gerbil’s Facebook Page

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Babies On The Way!

River & The Doctor's first meeting.

River & The Doctor’s first meeting.

Older picture, but these are our soon to be parents! River (Spotted Siamese) has gained 8grams so far! She is 71grams as of 3/29. Haven’t weighed her yet today but I imagine she will be about 73-74g! (I had a scale issue so I am canceled her initial weight of 61g and changing it to 63g. The container I was weighing them in wobbled and some of the weights were off.)

She is eating and drinking very well and getting very pleasantly plump. So excited!! I can’t wait until they’re old enough to tell their color, just no telling what we’ll get from this pairing. Hopefully River will be a lot like her mom and produce a wide variety of colors.

Seriously hope I’m off on the day she has her pups! Being at work knowing I had little babies waiting for me would be agonizing.

Anyway, keep checking back, news and photos of the pups will be posted as soon as I find them! If you’re not a wordpress member, feel free to use the link on the left side bar and subscribe via email! 🙂



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