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One Year of Henry!

Recently while trying to calculate how long I’ve worked at my current job, I realized that I’ve owned my sweetest gerbil, Henry, for right at a year!


He’s a gorgeous pet store purchased Red Fox boy, and he’s my baby. I finally got to breed him, and his pups inherited his calm and gentle disposition as well. He’s a sweetie. 

Happy One Year Anniversary, Henry! ^_^

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Before & Afters

Check out the growth so far!!

Day 1:


Day 6:


Day 2:


Day 6:


HOW INSANE IS THAT?! It baffles me how quickly these little ones grow.


River (Mom) and The Doctor (Dad) get a moment alone while the pups sleep.

River (Mom) and The Doctor (Dad) get a moment alone while the pups sleep.

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Squeaky Beans

I have affectionately decided that the pups are in the “Squeaky Bean” stage of life. I think that is a very accurate description.

So far all the pups seem very happy and healthy, and though they are slightly different sizes, I can’t identify a “runt”, so that’s good. I’m concerned about one, who seems like it may have gotten a claw to the face and rump by mistake from one of his/her parents. He/she has a tiny scab on his/her cheek and one that I’m concerned may cause him/her to have trouble using the bathroom. River cleans them all very well so hopefully she will clear away that spot gently when she needs to. He/She’s far too small for my big human fingers to do any good with that, haha.

Amazingly, they already look like they’ve grown! I was at work from 8am-4pm today and when I got home they seemed larger. Fascinating how they grow.

Here are some pictures I took this evening! 🙂 They are of two different pups, one which may have lighter eyes than the rest, but refused to face the camera. Little rascal!

DSCN0370 DSCN0374

Can’t wait until I have little fuzzy crawlers on my hands!! They are absolutely precious when they get their peach fuzz. ^_^ Hard to imagine these little ones will be scampering around like crazy in no time!

In other news, my registrations came back today for all my breeders! Now they have official pedigrees and if ever I sell a pup to a breeder, they will be able to better trace back the lineage of their pups. Doesn’t mean a lot to the average adopter, but it’s a great thing to have.

Last night River and The Doctor were hard to work on their next litter. I think it’s safe to say she is pregnant with her second litter now. Crazy how they do that.

Two pups of this litter (not yet known which two) are spoken for, but that leaves three available pups who will be ready to venture to their new homes around May 18th. If you are interested in them, please contact me!

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