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Comin’ Up!

Amy & Rory are expecting their first litter soon! She is a whopping 84grams! Two grams over River’s weight the day she had her pups. She’s built a huge nest already, her due date is the 21st. Looking forward to meeting her lovely pups, I do hope she will be just as good of a mother as her sister.

Tomorrow I am going to take some pictures of River’s pups that I think will be super cute! Tonight I am just too tired. Work has wiped me out. It’s time for a warm couch and a soft blanket, and perhaps some aspirin.

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The Pupdate!

Five healthy gerbil pups were born last night! They are much bigger than I had expected, all peeping and squirming and being adorable. ^_^ River Song is being a very good Momma and when The Doctor “stole” a pup, she went and retrieved it right away and tucked it back in with the others. So excited! Can’t wait to see who will have spots!

Also, I think it’s great that I literally cleaned their tank YESTERDAY. So these pups were born on the freshest bedding possible. That makes me extremely happy. And it’s much easier to see them on this white bedding. Success.



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