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Bright Eyed and Fluffy Tailed

River & The Doctor’s second litter are finally able to see the world! Look how cute they are!

DSCN0760 DSCN0763 DSCN0764 DSCN0766

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Count Your Many Gerbils

Got some photos from the family who adopted two of my first litter! Looks like they are being pampered!

DSC_0722 DSC_0716 DSC_0754

Got the next litter separated today, two girls went in with my other weaned girls and the four boys get a tub of their own. Their mom delivered six new little peanuts last night!

The boys in their "tub"

The boys in their “tub”

Six new babies from my burmese girl.

Six new babies from my burmese girl.

My unweaned litter is getting some attention, two of them should be going to their new home in the week of the 23rd!





Had to rush my dog to the vet today after he split open his toe nail really badly. Craziness!

Soon 8 of my weaned babies will be off to their new homes and I can better focus on my newest litters. 🙂


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All The Updates!

First litter at 6 weeks old:

My second litter in all their cuteness at 20 days old:


And a picture of litter three at the tender age of one day:


Someone on the AGS Facebook page says they believe my “unknown” pup is a Spotted Polar Fox, which is a rare and very pretty color post molt. 🙂


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Litter Number Three!

River and The Doctor, whose pups just moved out, have blessed me with their second litter! Four healthy pups! Very excited to see what colors they will give me this time. So far it looks like light colors only, but one is a bit darker than the rest. We’ll find out soon enough.

Amy and Rory’s litter all have open eyes now and are very active and mobile! SO cute!


James–the gerbil I’m going to adopt from work–is not doing very well, he seems to have developed a fungal infection from having his nose raw for so long. He’s rubbed himself bald from his nose to his chest. But he seems very active and eats well, I’m sure he will make a full recovery.

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Gerbils, Gerbils, Everywhere!

Litter one moved out of the parents tank today, and they are loving their log cabin and wheel!

DSCN0687 DSCN0692 DSCN0726 DSCN0729

They are fully weaned now, but not ready to go to their new homes until the 18th.

Litter two has one pup with open eyes! SUCH a cutie!!

DSCN0705 DSCN0707 DSCN0713 DSCN0719

The pups from this litter are spoken for, and if my most recent possible adopter follows up (someone I met at work today looking for a female to keep their lone female company), then all of my current pups will be spoken for. Both females are pregnant with their second litters. 🙂

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Crazy Gerbil Lady

Being that I’m the one running around with an “I *Heart* Gerbils” sticker on my truck, my manager at work asked me to adopt a gerbil who has severe bedding allergies today, and I said yes.

SO! Soon (probably not until this end of this month or later) I will be bringing home a nutmeg male gerbil who has bad damage to his nose and a bit of a temper after having been treated with meds for a while. But, I decided that I will attempt to pair him with Oliver, and thus won’t rehome Oliver once Henry is paired with Clara (I’m a gerbil match maker, apparently).

Not sure what I’ll name him yet, but I want to continue my British and/or Doctor Who theme. Any ideas?


Quick Note on Bedding Allergies

Though often misdiagnosed, bedding allergies are caused by excess dust and/or oils (such as cedar, pine and sometimes-though rarely- aspen), the symptoms are sneezing, itching of the nose/face, and loss of fur to the nose/face. Some gerbils are particularly sensitive to bedding, and have to be kept on special, nearly dust free bedding in order to heal their noses. Such as Oliver and this new guy I’ll be taking on. Oliver has permanent scarring to his nose and one of his ears from this, and this new guy will as well. He’s even rubbed his paws raw from it. Poor baby. Gerbils with allergy issues should not be bred, as this sensitivity to bedding will likely be passed on to their offspring.

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Update on the Fuzzies and Fluffies!


Sorry for the fuzzy iPod photo. Clara and her sisters are all doing fabulously! I have been sick and thus haven’t taken the time to take proper photos or write half decent posts. I am sorry. Clara and her sisters are almost 5 weeks old now, just over one more week and two of her sisters will be going to their new home! So excited for them, though I will miss their little fuzzy faces.

My second litter is progressing well! 4 boys and 2 girls, there will be two blacks, two spotted Agoutis, one Agouti, and one who is looking a lot like my spotted Siamese pups did at that age. Very light with subtle spots. Going to have to wait and see what he turns out to be.

From the 20th-25th I will be in Oklahoma, at my cousins wedding! I’m very excited, but it will be tough missing five days of my pups lives. My parents will be taking good care of them and making sure they get lots of play time.

If you are looking to adopt any of my current pups, the first week of June is the cut off date, so be sure and contact me before then!


Anyway, when I’m feeling better I will be sure and take some good photos of the pups and post them! Thanks for reading!

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