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All Grown Up

Wanted to share some pictures that were recently posted to my Happy Gerbil Facebook page , just a few of my babies, all grown up and living it up with their awesome adopters!


Chloe (Sp. Siamese)


Maggie (Sp. Black)


Lucy (Sp. Siamese)


Shadow (Black)


Snowy (Sp. Siamese) 


Snickerdoodle (Agouti)


Oreo (Pied Black)

Aren’t they all gorgeous! Such sweet babies, I love how in almost every photo they’re being held. Makes me happy. 🙂

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Craft Time!

So blessed to have a Dad who helps me with the ideas I come up with to make caring for my fur babies easier. Today, shortly after two of my six week old girls got picked up by their new mommy (YAY!) my dad and I went to Home Depot and got $15 worth of wood to build this shelf system for my largest bin, a 110qt tub. LOVE how it turned out! Perfect hight, lots of storage space. Very excited. ^_^

DSCN0931 DSCN0934

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Available Gerbils as of 01/16/15

Adopt as Established Same Gender Pair Only:

1 Lilac (grey) Female (DOB: 7/11/14)

1 Pink Eyed White Female DOB: 8/20/14– As is normal with PEW gerbils, this little girl has a sway when she stands up or sits back on her haunches. Tilts over to one side slightly. Many PEW gerbils have this, a common quirk of their color variety.


I am no longer breeding gerbils. The above are ALL I HAVE LEFT. Due to difficulty placing gerbils in homes, I can no longer afford to breed them. Once these guys are gone, I will just have my 5 males as pets. Feel free to contact me with comments, questions or concerns about your gerbils or gerbils you’ve adopted from me in the past. Thanks!

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Available Gerbils as of 8/10!

Hello gerbil lovers!! Thought you could use an update on what’s what at The Happy Gerbil!

My males and females are separated now, so these are my last litters! I was expecting one last litter from Clara, but as it is 5 days from her due date and she is showing no signs of pregnancy, she may not be expecting.


I have one litter available now and one that will be available on 8/22. Two males from the currently available litter are going to be picked up this week, not sure which two yet, but their colors are as follows:

1 Black female
1 Sp. Siamese Male
1 Mottled Agouti Female
2 Pied (spotted) Black, Boy & Girl
2 Sp. Agouti Males

The August 22nd litter are as follows:

1 Pink Eyed White Female
2 Lilac (grey) Females
2 Sp. Burmese, Boy & Girl
1 Sp. Black Female

On September 15th, I have a litter of seven that will be available. Currently they are still furless and genders cannot yet be determined.

I also have a Polar Fox girl and her Agouti sister who need homes, they both suffered from upper respiratory infections when they were pups, and the experience of being medicated made them slightly less trusting of people. They are still able to be held, but they do occasionally nip. If you would be willing to provide a loving home to these two little survivors, please let me know. They are available free of adoption fee, since I have been bitten by both of them, and it did draw blood. They are not biters, they just require a gentle and patient hand. 🙂


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Update and Available Gerbils as of 7/18/14

Sorry for being so slack in the updates! Hopefully you follow The Happy Gerbil’s Facebook page, I’ve been much better at updated that since I can access it from my phone.

Due to a lack of gerbil adopters, I’ve decided to stop breeding.

However, there are two litters who will be available August 10th & 22nd, and two more after that.

August 10th Litter:

Parents: Amy & Rory

1 Black (girl)

1 Mottled Agouti (girl)

1 Sp. Siamese (boy)

2 Pied Black (girl & boy)

2 Sp. Agouti (boys)

August 22nd Litter:

Parents: Henry & Clara

(Colors & genders not assured yet)

1 Sp. Burmese (boy)

1 PEW (Pink Eyed White, girl)

2 Lilac (girls)

1 Sp. Burmese (girl)

1 Sp. Black (girl)


Contact me for more info!

And now please enjoy an assortment of cute gerbily photos!

Henry with his pups

Henry with his pups

The Doctor's son, and the Doctor looking on in the background

The Doctor’s son, and the Doctor looking on in the background



Alfie & The Doctor

Alfie & The Doctor

Rory has taken his weight loss regime seriously! ;)

Rory has taken his weight loss regime seriously! 😉

After the Doctor lost his precious mate River Song, I have decided to keep his last two sons, both look much like their mom. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to name them after yet another Doctor Who character! Alfie, known to himself as Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, is a baby in an episode of Doctor Who. Cutest little kid. These two gerbils look almost identical, so they are now named after this adorable baby. Alfie & Stormy! 🙂

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All The Updates!

First litter at 6 weeks old:

My second litter in all their cuteness at 20 days old:


And a picture of litter three at the tender age of one day:


Someone on the AGS Facebook page says they believe my “unknown” pup is a Spotted Polar Fox, which is a rare and very pretty color post molt. 🙂


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Litter Number Three!

River and The Doctor, whose pups just moved out, have blessed me with their second litter! Four healthy pups! Very excited to see what colors they will give me this time. So far it looks like light colors only, but one is a bit darker than the rest. We’ll find out soon enough.

Amy and Rory’s litter all have open eyes now and are very active and mobile! SO cute!


James–the gerbil I’m going to adopt from work–is not doing very well, he seems to have developed a fungal infection from having his nose raw for so long. He’s rubbed himself bald from his nose to his chest. But he seems very active and eats well, I’m sure he will make a full recovery.

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