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All Grown Up

Wanted to share some pictures that were recently posted to my Happy Gerbil Facebook page , just a few of my babies, all grown up and living it up with their awesome adopters!


Chloe (Sp. Siamese)


Maggie (Sp. Black)


Lucy (Sp. Siamese)


Shadow (Black)


Snowy (Sp. Siamese) 


Snickerdoodle (Agouti)


Oreo (Pied Black)

Aren’t they all gorgeous! Such sweet babies, I love how in almost every photo they’re being held. Makes me happy. 🙂

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Available Gerbils as of 01/16/15

Adopt as Established Same Gender Pair Only:

1 Lilac (grey) Female (DOB: 7/11/14)

1 Pink Eyed White Female DOB: 8/20/14– As is normal with PEW gerbils, this little girl has a sway when she stands up or sits back on her haunches. Tilts over to one side slightly. Many PEW gerbils have this, a common quirk of their color variety.


I am no longer breeding gerbils. The above are ALL I HAVE LEFT. Due to difficulty placing gerbils in homes, I can no longer afford to breed them. Once these guys are gone, I will just have my 5 males as pets. Feel free to contact me with comments, questions or concerns about your gerbils or gerbils you’ve adopted from me in the past. Thanks!

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The Clan

Thought you all might enjoy a few pictures of the Happy Gerbil’s bachelor pads, homes of the permanent residents of The Happy Gerbil!

The boys are spoiled!

The boys are spoiled!


Bachelors! (Technically The Doctor is a widower :(  )

Bachelors! (Technically The Doctor is a widower 😦 )

Stormy loves to run!

Stormy loves to run!

The Doctor and Alfie

The Doctor and Alfie

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Available Gerbils as of 8/28

(Adopted/On Hold)
(*Adopt as Established Same Gender Pair)
(**Adopt as Trio Only, Contact for details)

**1 Black female
1 Sp. Siamese Male
1 Mottled Agouti Female
2 Pied (spotted) Black, Boy & Girl

**2 Sp. Agouti Males & 1 Sp. Burmese Male (Established Trio)

The August 22nd litter are as follows:

1 Pink Eyed White Female
2 Lilac (grey) Females
1 Sp. Burmese Female
1 Sp. Black Female

On September 15th, I have a litter of seven that will be available:

1 Siamese (color not yet guaranteed) Female
1 Siamese (color not yet guaranteed) Male
1 Sp. Black Female
1 Black Male
1 Black Male
1 Agouti Male
**1 Sp. Black Female

October 1st Litter:

1 Black Female
1 Sp. Black Male
1 Pink Eyed White (color not yet guaranteed) Female

Adults Available for Adoption:

*Polar Fox & Agouti Female pair w/Cage $20 (cage is too small for permanent housing, see post titled “Special Deal”)
**Adult Burmese Female “Amy”  $20 (Available September 15th with her Sp. Black and Solid Black Daughters, listed above)
*Adult Sp. Burmese Female “Clara” (Available October 1st with one or more daughters, depending on remaining selection)




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One Year of Henry!

Recently while trying to calculate how long I’ve worked at my current job, I realized that I’ve owned my sweetest gerbil, Henry, for right at a year!


He’s a gorgeous pet store purchased Red Fox boy, and he’s my baby. I finally got to breed him, and his pups inherited his calm and gentle disposition as well. He’s a sweetie. 

Happy One Year Anniversary, Henry! ^_^

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday! And here to help me celebrate are all six of Clara’s babies with their eyes open! Already I can tell that they will be big sweethearts like their parents, and especially like their Dad, Henry. Contact me if you would like to add two little furry friends to your family! They are ready to start their new lives on August 22nd! 🙂

Though I will miss having little baby gerbils running around, I will be thankful when all of these pups and the final two litters are placed in homes–it does get stressful when you don’t have enough potential adopters.

I will try to take pictures of all the little cuties here soon! 🙂 Stay tuned!

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Update and Available Gerbils as of 7/18/14

Sorry for being so slack in the updates! Hopefully you follow The Happy Gerbil’s Facebook page, I’ve been much better at updated that since I can access it from my phone.

Due to a lack of gerbil adopters, I’ve decided to stop breeding.

However, there are two litters who will be available August 10th & 22nd, and two more after that.

August 10th Litter:

Parents: Amy & Rory

1 Black (girl)

1 Mottled Agouti (girl)

1 Sp. Siamese (boy)

2 Pied Black (girl & boy)

2 Sp. Agouti (boys)

August 22nd Litter:

Parents: Henry & Clara

(Colors & genders not assured yet)

1 Sp. Burmese (boy)

1 PEW (Pink Eyed White, girl)

2 Lilac (girls)

1 Sp. Burmese (girl)

1 Sp. Black (girl)


Contact me for more info!

And now please enjoy an assortment of cute gerbily photos!

Henry with his pups

Henry with his pups

The Doctor's son, and the Doctor looking on in the background

The Doctor’s son, and the Doctor looking on in the background



Alfie & The Doctor

Alfie & The Doctor

Rory has taken his weight loss regime seriously! ;)

Rory has taken his weight loss regime seriously! 😉

After the Doctor lost his precious mate River Song, I have decided to keep his last two sons, both look much like their mom. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to name them after yet another Doctor Who character! Alfie, known to himself as Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, is a baby in an episode of Doctor Who. Cutest little kid. These two gerbils look almost identical, so they are now named after this adorable baby. Alfie & Stormy! 🙂

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